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Here’s the difficult element… There have already been several washing machines that Whirlpool has preferred to call Duet. This Duet washer repair guideline is for the newest belt generate Edition in the Duet washer. Backlinks to repair guides for other Duet washer variations are available beneath

If no two digit console ID# code is shown you may need to interchange the user interface, but attempt to operate the rest of the exam anyway.

During Nutation, the Clean Plate is tipped at a 35 degree angle and should be free to undulate to move the apparel appropriately. The Clean Plate is connected to your Universal Joint which allows the Plate that liberty of motion. The Common Joint is connected on the basket generate block by a spanner nut and is sealed major and bottom by a boot and numerous seals to keep h2o from harming its pivoting elements. The boot is hooked up to The underside of the U-Joint and prevents h2o from attending to the U-Joint from underneath.

Observe: if an irregular looking through is calculated from your P5 Manage board of your washing device be sure to examination the motor immediately prior to drawing a summary, this can remove the wiring harness like a possible issue.

If your Duet washer has an F21 error code (extended drain) you may want to skip passed all of the fill measures to step C06 (to check the drain pump.) Once the doorway locks (C00) You are able to skip forward to test the drain pump by pressing the exact same button you chose to start the diagnostics.

Electric powered Push Invertex II® AC Regulate procedure offers independent Charge of the rear wheel motors, which subsequently delivers remarkable traction-capacity all through moist and slippery situations, So strengthening tire use and operator assurance.

Through the Drain Mode, the Collision Shop pump motor turns clockwise (as considered from beneath the washer). This will cause the water pump to attract the h2o from your tub with the recirculation port, forcing the drain Look at ball to seal the drain sump port and pressure the water from the drain hose.

This enables the operator to check out  the status of the machine for the duration of operation and informs them of any faults. An instructive information will surface just after any fault is detected over the equipment.

Consistently rated higher-density blown grids w/retard at engine idle and retard in reverse propulsion.

Notice: to activate the spin the lid have to be shut plus the lid lock engaged. See Lid Swap Assessments. When the lid will not be shut or locked an invalid important beep will seem. Also the tub must be floating for this take a look at to work correctly.

• Look for plugged or kinked inlet hoses, plugged screens from the inlet valves, leak halt inlet hoses.

The table underneath displays what resistance amount the thermistor ought to have in a specified temperature. It’s finest to Permit things awesome down and use space temperature to be a acknowledged value.

Automatic Lubrication Procedure The automatic lubrication program is made to reduce downtime for lubrication by aquiring a centralized area that automatically distributes grease to all lubrication details.

If you can hear that the pump is trying to empty, you realize it’s acquiring electric power through the Duet Handle like it should. Eliminate the pump and look for blockages.

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